The Real Christ and False Discipleship

Being a disciple of Christ is the life of one who loves, watches, learns and imitates Jesus by relationship through grace alone. They constantly see their existence as living in the presence of One who totally loves, accepts and forgives them. He also blesses them and empowers them freely because of that relationship.

They walk in the truth that it is no longer them but Christ and for them to live is Christ and to die is beneficial  because that would mean uninterrupted fellowship in heaven with Christ. We were chosen that we might be with him and there is summation of the Christian life.

Christ is all in all.

It is the burning focus of the disciple of Jesus Christ that they may know him intimately, dynamically and continually.

I am sad, that modern day discipleship is nothing more than proselytism in religion that plagiarizes the words of scripture and uses it for it’s own means. We read with joy the release of the slaves from Egypt by the final stroke of the blood of the Lamb. But we fail to see that Pharaoh and the priests of Egypt were skilled religionists and they made slaves out of  their citizens through their legalistic teachings, magic and powerful entertainment. The only thing that could set the people free was the blood of the spotless Lamb upon the doors of their houses as they waited for release wearing their travelling clothes.

The Jews of Christ’s day had such rigid rules based on the law they literally emptied the scriptures of their power and shut the doors of the kingdom of God with access into God’s blessings! It was only by Calvary’s Cross that the thick suffocating, unyielding veil of religion was torn and the heavens were opened to men and women. It was only by the precious body and blood of Christ that sin and the handwriting of ordinances which stood against us were taken out of the way. When the heavens were thrown open the publicans, harlots and outcasts were waiting with travelling clothes to force their way into the kingdom of heaven for forgiveness and salvation and freedom.

The mass religious marketing of today enslaves church people to a business mentality that sells church and Christianity as a product. They bash, threaten, arrest people for not keeping their principles with condemnation and hurt. They have many of us bamboozled. They take the whole joy out of living for Christ and walking with Jesus. They forget it is by knowing Christ personally and deeply people serve and change things. It is not by magic prayers, experts, books and instructional videos that we can be better Christians. It is being by loved by Christ.

When we took the preaching for the need for the Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts revealing Jesus to us, we took the very transmission out of the heart of what it is to be a Christian.  We need to preach the mighty baptism of the Holy Spirit, the refreshing with which he causes the weary to rest. We need to bring people back to Jesus, especially church people.

Get your coat and shoes on. Jesus has released you from the bondage to religion by his blood. Who can stop you now? Sin has been forgiven and religions magnetic pull has been broken. Don’t be afraid to love him and serve him in his freedom of acceptance and power.

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

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One thought on “The Real Christ and False Discipleship

  1. What a great message. The enemy does his best work against people through the bondages of religion. It is only in knowing Christ personally that you have the power over all of the devil’s schemes.

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