The Dawn of God’s Mercy Heart has Visited Us

1-Its-A-New-Dawn-Its-A-New-Day-Its-A-New-Year...-Im-Feeling-Fine...A new day has dawned in Christ.

“Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us. To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.”

The morning light from heaven has broken the darkness of our lives.

God acts with tender mercies for broken hearts wounded from the pain and consequence of sin and raw from repentance need the nail scarred tender hand of Jesus comforting them with acceptance love and forgiveness.

There is “the tender mercy of our God…” (Luke 1:78).

Spurgeon points out that the original phrase is, “The mercy of the heart of our God.”

It means the mercy of God’s very soul. Mercy is vitally connected with God’s own existence-his heart. God’s “mercy heart” shows that he will forgive those who ask for for forgiveness, because he is faithful and just to forgive their sins and cleanse them for all unrighteousness.

How is this forgiveness experienced?

God calming us down after screaming aloud until hoarse?
With the uttering of a repeat-after-me prayer?
Or is it a divine psychology that says, “That’s OK no ones perfect?”
It is like the sun slowly rising in the east bathing the shore in endless light and warmth. As the sun slowly but steadily takes over the night realm and rises as the dawn- so is God’s tender mercy and love seen.  His forgiveness and acceptance will be like the sun warming your face. It is God’s smile upon you dispelling the shadows of guilt and the dense darkness of shame upon you and brings before your the eyes of your heart an endless horizon that shows only God’s love and favor. The sun rising with healing in its wings dislodges any doubt and removes the very thought, words and acts of your transgressions.Then Luke (1:77-79) speaks of the the mercy heart of God and the dawn of Christ’s  life and love as having VISITED us.A visit is when someone temporarily spends some time with us. That is not far from the meaning of this word.

The word visit is “episkeptomai” in the original language shows us a person who cares about us come to look after, inspect and examine someone who is sick or in need. This person does not just come to show sympathy.

He comes with benefits in his hands. He comes with provision and healing.

Years ago, right into the mid to late twentieth century. Doctors used to carried a black bag and make house calls.

I knew Doctor Patten, I will never forget his hospitality and love. We could always come see him and his three wonderful daughters Wendy, Julia and Cynthia and his son John.  He was a Pastor in Maine and a MD. with a cool british accent. I will never forget him running into our bible college into the institute building with his black bag to visit a sick student. I can still see it in my mind. Strange how you remember some things.

It is the same way when Christ makes a house call. But in a way that is incredible. He is a sun and shield giving grace and glory not withholding anything good.

Jesus comes and we always experience God’s mercy heart and the smile of the dawn of grace, mercy and forgiveness in our lives.

Christ visits us.

When we sin, when we are hurt, broken, whatever the need- it will not be long until Christ rings the door bell and knocks. He turns the knob and walks in. He needs not ask. He does not need to be invited. Our home is his home. Our problems are his problems. His answers our now our answers.

The Great Physician with his great mercy heart and his smile that is like the dawn coming and visiting us. Even now he is at the door, knocking and opening-you can hear his voice, see the light of his presence and he has just what you need.