jesuscalmingstormGod’s peace is yours today. It really is yours.

He says, “Peace I give, MY peace I leave with you.”

Just trust these words. You do not have to make anything happen.

  • Anxiety has no stranglehold over you anymore.
  • Fear will no longer enslave you.
  • Loneliness will no longer dog your steps.
  • Addictions power is broken by the blood of Christ.

You are his beloved child!

Symptoms and circumstances do not rule your life. Christ does. JESUS IS LORD! His grace, mercy and PEACE are multiplied in your life.

Multiplied is made up of two words in the original “fill” and “multitude.”

It means abundance, overflowing, increasing and to fill to maximum potential.

May God give you more and more MERCY AND HELP and GRACE AND FAVOR and PEACE AND TRANQUILITY OF SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.

Believe your Lord, He can be trusted. He never fails. He loves you all the time.

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