The Lunatic in the Mirror

PatienceA very bad week is over. It is amazing how the Lord can help you recover.

Here is a tip for going through trials: you may feel strong emotions-nothing wrong with that-but you can choose how react despite what you feel without letting your emotions become your tyrants driving you to do things you will regret.

Don’t let anyone try to put you down by saying you are emotional. Unless they have recently had a lobotomy they are emotional too. You blew it? You got angry or something. Look, all is forgiven. Let it go, guilt will only make you more irritable and uncontrolled guilt will make you miserable.

It is not easy controlling your emotions. Some people are just more emotional than others-that is they way God made them and it is part of his own fingerprint on them.   It is not easy putting a leash on emotions but I think that is what patience is all about. I mean I used to see patience like an picture of a Roman Catholic saint a person with a serene look and a halo over their head. Nah, that’s not it at all!

While reading this article to my wife, she got me thinking as she pointed out that there are people who just seem more patient or who can hold it together better than others. That is so true. Those people just have not encountered a circumstance or person that will bring out the lunatic we are used to seeing in the mirror everyday. But you know what?-God made every kind of personality or life would be dull.

In all this you will really need the Holy Spirit’s help.  The Holy Spirit produces patience in us. That is what HE Does. He does it, not you. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us and seeing the real biblical Christ is calming to the heart of a Christian. As you read scripture Jesus is always saying, “Fear not” or “Peace be with you.” and if I might paraphrase, “It will be all right, take it easy. I will take care you and this problem.”

Is that it you say?  Yes.

Can you be patient on your own? So what is the choice, another face plant after you lose your cool? Or, believe the truth of God’s incredible and profuse promises that are …wait for it…all TRUE! Much more true that your emotional reactions. All you need to do is say, “Holy Spirit I know you are in control of my life and circumstances. I know you are in control of my emotions as well.”

You are going to make it and God’s promises are still true-FOR YOU.

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