Meditation of Psalm 51: The Church of My Heart

799018111.jpgMerciful God, Faithful and True, keep your reputation unstained by recreating a new heart and clean spirit in me. 

Blot out, send away my sin debt, wash away my wrongdoings that you no longer remember my disobedience.  imagesI acknowledge my sin, I was born a sinner and you are the one I have wronged. All I can offer is my broken heart which is crushed to powder. 


Deliver me from my guilt for there is nothing I can give, no sacrifice I can make, no prayer I can pray, no confession I can utter that would be acceptable.cry-out-to-god

Let a continual fire of Your Holy Spirit burn out sin, the hammer of Your Word pummel out evil in my life. In the deepest inner recesses of my being implant truth in place of lies and wisdom that resists temptation so I may always be your faithful servant and obedient child.

080171bb9489bb542eec8ec243fac41c.jpgRestore the joy of serving You in all the broken parts of my life. Let me praise, honor and hear the laughter of salvation that enjoys worship all around.  

Open my mouth in order that I may sing your praise loudly of your forgiveness.  Restore the walls of the city of my heart, rebuild the altar in the church of my soul so I may worship you in a way in which you are pleased.  RGH09611.jpg

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.


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