IMG_4824.JPGSome theology is like reading the side of a cereal box. When I was a kid I was probably eating cereal that I would be lectured on today for putting me in a diabetic coma. I loved the sound of the cereal pouring into the bowl and then adding the milk. Then I would read the front and back of the box cover. But on the side, there was a series of unpronounceable words and list of vitamins and minerals. I never focused on that.
When I first came to Christ I had the assurance of salvation. I knew my sins were forgiven. I was baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. I had a joy and peace and I was hungry for more of God. I guess that box of cereal could be called Jesus Alone Cereal (I know he is the bread of life but please bear with my analogy).
Then I met the people who must be related to the Einsteins who are responsible for the side of the cereal box, theologically speaking, and they had other cereals. They did not mind me eating my Jesus cereal but they told me I needed other cereals because Jesus Alone Cereal was not enough.
They told me I was not saved based solely on what Jesus had done on the Cross, but I needed to endure to the end. Others kept telling me I was saying the wrong words or had to pray a certain way or I did not have enough faith. Then some said I still had generational curses, even telling me I had demons. Then some told me I was baptized wrong and that the Trinity was not in the Bible. Some told me I needed to make a long list of my sins and confess them or I would be lost. Others were telling me that if Jesus was not Lord of all or he was not Lord at all. Then they told me we were doing church all wrong, worship needed to be more culturally relevant and it was hard to find any Jesus Cereal at church.
I ended up having more guilt and shame than before I was a Christian. In fact, it seemed that they discontinued my favorite Jesus Cereal. I could not find it anymore. I was starving, sad and confused.
Then I met with men who did understand those big words but knew that being fed Jesus alone Cereal was important. They introduced me to the Reformation Cereal Company and they told me that they had recovered the recipe for the gospel. I did not believe it until I sat down with two of their main CEO’s a German guy named Martin and another man from France, John. They poured out a bowl and added some milk and IT WAS! There it WAS! It was the Jesus Cereal.
The Gospel is all about Jesus. He is the bread and water of life. His blood and his flesh, his wonderful work on Calvary and his resurrection give life and feed our souls continually. Forget the world’s religion that has infested and confused many churches with their “do this and do that” theology and their big words.  Believe the gospel. Listen to God the Father when he says, “This is my beloved Son, HEAR HIM!”
(c) 2018 Rev. Stephen S. Gibney feel free to share but give credit where credit is due.

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