Vision Casting is Not Biblical

Vision casting is not a biblical teaching.  Every time the religious marketers use Proverbs 29:18 it is misquoted. Here is what it says, “Where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint, but blessed is he who keeps the law.”

This passage is talking about the revelation of God in the Scripture and His law as given to us. When people reject the teachings of the Bible then they cast off restraint.

The Pastor is not to be a visionary leader using a corporate business model but is a shepherd who feeds and nutures the his congregation with wholesome, Christ-centered biblical teaching.

The congregation is taught to “aggressively defend that unity and vision” that comes from the prophetic vision of the Pastor.  Sadly, that means when people question biblically what is going on then they are marginalized, attacked and even evicted. 

The end result is that you no longer go to church to hear God’s Word but to promulgate the Pastors so called vision (and what is scary) is that people seem to have more of a loyalty to the “vision caster” instead of loyalty to Christ and the Bible.

Being Unhealthy is Required

I observed church for a long time and one thing I can tell you God does not require healthy pastors and certainly not healthy congregations.

For instance, if we all had healthy congregations as pastors, we could retire and go down to Florida and sip iced tea with unmasked lips to the sound of ocean waves.

Jesus said, “the sick need a doctor.” In these days you would think people could relate easily to what Jesus said in these days of plague. Those who are sick need to visit their primary care physician.

The application of what Jesus was teaching is clear. Spiritually sick people people who are sinners need the mercy and forgiveness of God to heal them in their souls. When Jesus died on the cross the apostle’s taught that “by his wounds we were healed.”

It’s a myth made up by the Babylonian religious salesman of our day when you hear about healthy churches and healthy pastors this refers to the financial solvency of the church and that the people are under the mode of moral therapeutic deism calling them to self improvement with motivational speaking.

We are all sinners saved by grace. Only the Word of Christ can help the people. This must include the eternal responsibility of the preacher to proclaim God’s word.