Better than Wine 2

“Your love is better than wine.”

We also see the love of Christ in the winepress. See those clusters of grapes being crushed.

We see when this crushing began he sweats “as it were great drops of blood.”

How the grapes of his love were crushed over and over again when he gave his back to those who whipped him and his cheeks to those who plucked off his beard.

The grapes of his compassion were crushed when he did not hide his face from shame and spitting.

But how the red wine flowed from the wine press when he was nailed to the cross, when suffered in body, was depressed and spirit and forsaken of his God.

It was then you heard the cry the winepress, “My God my God why have you abandoned me?” Stand there at the wine press of the cross see the sounds that come from it both terrible and sweet.

Stand there and believe that all your sins were carried by him that he suffered what you should have suffered and as your Substitute was crushed for you.

Yes his love is better than wine.

How can one not weep, when he reads this?

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