God loves when you pray

Prayer is such an abused topic when taught incorrectly, but let me propose to you something that may help you pray.


You do not have to pray as if you needed to melt his heart.

You do not have to protect your words as if you had bad breath. You do not have to change your clothes address him in office attire to impress him and pray the Lord’s prayer as if it were a resume. For God is not cold, distant, or aloof from you.

He is NOT thinking of how long since you have talked to him in prayer. He does not hold a grudge and He has mass deleted all of your sins.

When one prays their soul is bathed in the love of God. They sense his affection because when they pray they are always brought to the foot of the cross.

There they find the available Jesus who was crucified for their offenses and was raised for their justification. There they find a throne not of criticism or moodiness or harshness but a the throne on which One sits who is full of pity, mercy and compassion.

Does that help even a little?

Stephen Gibney

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