One of the biggest challenges of my life is waiting.

Waiting on God. Waiting on the next assignment.

It’s not like waiting for your car to be fixed, or standing in line waiting to pay for your groceries.

This waiting means believing and expecting and obeying. None of which I excel at. It’s hard. Even if you have done it before its hard. It’s harder when you wait.

All the things that you do, look for work, send resumes, interview with churches, further your education-nothing makes anything go faster.

Church has changed. I am older. I am complex. God’s placement for me has always been unique.

It feels like exile.

It looks like a wilderness on the edge of city skyline at dusk. It smells like burgers and fries and people are drinking coke and eating cheesecake in crowded diners. Laughing and Loud.

While I stare panoramically contemplating about the past, present and future.

But I have to learn and learning is waiting.

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