Bored with Jesus

Some wonder what it was like to sit with Jesus and hear him teach. I have thought that too.  But the wonderful Son of God told us it was necessary that he goes away so that the Holy Spirit could come. He would comfort us. He would show us Jesus Christ the hope of glory.

Thank God we can read about Christ in the scriptures-the real Jesus.  Not the knock off Jesus which is either the invention of pop theology or the one of Hollywierd.

God has sent His Son Jesus to bless us.  We have the gift of Jesus from the scriptures and have been blessed with the wonderful historical teaching of the Church.

When Jesus came there was no music, no concerts, no comfortable pews or seats.  There were no celebrity endorsements or invitations to listen to religious gurus to teach us how to keep the law better and follow principles, steps and programs to make us “better” people.

There was just Jesus reaching sinners like you and me. Jesus and his preaching and teaching. Jesus and his wonderful works.

That is not enough for people today as in other days because they really don’t understand they are being led away from the simplicity and purity of Christ.

People are so much like ancient Israel that cashed in on their desire to rebel with a modified version of God or replacing him altogether.

Will this be the generation that  became bored with Jesus? Then they never knew him. For if they believed in Him, they would love the One who died for them and lives for them.

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